Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mystery Reader

My mom read the book, The Night Before Halloween. My favorite part was when they said they only had one house left.
Written by: Sarina

Mystery Reader

I liked the book my mom read to our class. She read The House That Drac Built. I liked the werewolf because he was cool looking.

Written by: Matt


We have mealworms in our class. They live in a vial with wheat germ. They eat sweet potatoes and apples. They molt, which means they break out of their skin and shed because they are too big. Then they will turn into pupas that look like mummies. Then they are going to turn into Darkling Beetles.

Written by: Alan and Alyssa

Mystery Reader

Dear Mom,

I liked the book, The Adventures of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Michael

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Day!!!!

On Friday it was a special day because it was pumpkin day! We did a lot of activities with pumpkins. We counted the seeds by groups of 10 and we wrote adjectives about our pumpkins. We also watched the movie; It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. We measured the circumference of our pumpkins using a string and a yard stick. We also figured out the weight of our pumpkins by using a scale. We made pumpkin pie in a bag too. We had to bang the graham crackers to crush them. We squished and squashed the filling in a bag using our hands.

Written by: Katelyn and Sunny

Mystery Reader

My nana read the Giving Tree to the class. She gave the book to the class to keep.

Written by: Jeremy

Monday, October 12, 2009

Veteran's Day

On Veterans Day Assembly we sang You’re Grand Old Flag to the veterans. We said the pledge in the gym with the whole school. We had two veterans come into our classroom. One was from the Vietnam War and he was in the army. The other veteran was from the Marines.

Written by: Tommy and Kayla

Learning About Bees

Here are some neat facts we have learned about honey bees:

1. There is only one Queen in a hive. (Kevin and Alyssa)
2. Bees will sting you if you wave your arms. (Jovanni)
3. Worker bees have stingers. (Jeremy)
4. Worker bees are only girls and Drones are only boys. (Josie)
5. Yellow jackets can sting you more than once. (Tommy, Mia and Daniel)
6. Queen bees can fly the highest. (Sebastian)
7. Queen bees are the biggest in the hive. (Sarina)
8. You can pet Drone bees because they don’t have stingers. (Emily)
9. There are 1,000 Workers, 100 Drones and 1 Queen in each hive. (Alan)
10. Honeybees make honey in their hives. (Jessica)
11. The Drones help the Queen bee in the hive. (Dominic)
12. Worker bees collect pollen to make honey. (Kayla)
13. The Queen lays all the eggs. (Vinnie)
14. Bee keepers have to wear a special suit to make sure they don’t get stung. (Sharon)
15. A smoker machine is used to calm down the bees so the bee keeper can get the
honey out of the hive.

Fire Safety

We went into a big trailer with the firefighters. They taught us how to get down on the floor if you hear the smoke alarm. First you feel the door. If the door is cold then peek to see if there is smoke. If the door is hot DON'T open the door. If you see smoke put a blanket or something else under the door to keep out the smoke. Then if you are on the second floor yell for help and throw your toys out the window to get someones attention. If you are on the first floor you need to jump out of your window and go to your family's meeting area. Mine is at our neighbor's house (Sarina) and mine is at the tree in my front yard (Emily).

Written by Sarina and Emily

Mystery Reader

My dad was a mystery reader. He read A Fish Out of Water. It was about a kid who fed his fish too much fish food.

Written by: Dominic

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mr. Patterson: Bee Expert

Apple Day

We had our Apple Day last week. We did several fun activities all involving apples. First, we wrote adjectives about our apples we brought in. Some of the adjectives we came up with were juicy, red, bumpy and smooth. Then we read a story about the little red house with no windows and doors. There was a secret at the end of the story. Maybe you know the secret: what is hidden in the middle of every apple? Our class also used water colored paints to paint our apple trees for our apple number stories. Then we tasted six different apples. Our class voted on gala apples for our favorite taste. Miss Herrmann, helped us make apple chains at the end of the day. We learned about the steps to grow an apple. First a seed needs to be planted, that turns into an apple tree, then a blossom grows and a bee comes to pollinate the apple blossom. Then the blossom turns into an apple. We had a great apple day!!!

Mystery Reader

Mrs. Stacey came in and read us a great dragon book. We really liked the message at the end of the book. Our family will always be there for us no matter what. Thank you for coming in and being our Mystery Reader, Mrs. Stacey.